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Built about 1877, and used as a dwelling until the 1950s.

A moving history:

     Perhaps even bigger than the Fenian Raid, and certainly more permanent, was the acquisition and moving of the squared log cabin from the Highgate Road and setting it on a plot of land on the Gates farm.  This was built in the 1800's and used as a dwelling until the 1950's.  The squared log cabin which had been moved from its home base on a small farm on the Franklin-East Highgate Road, was built by Charles P. Messier and Sophia Burnor Messier in 1877 on land bought from Ebanezear Shedd in 1877.  The plot of land contained twenty-three acres, more or less, woodlot, pasture and meadow.  This was the first and only house built there.

     The Historical Society borrowed $500 from the Enosburg Falls National Bank to finance the cabin acquired from Dr. Judd of Enosburg.  It was bought in 1959 before the Champlain Festival.  The moving of the log cabin and its refurbishing and repair was an extensive project.  The outside and first floor were repaired.  It was furnished as a home of the middle 1860's with period furniture either donated or loaned by members of the Historical Society. 
     In 1985, the lease on the Gates Farm land had expired, and it was voted that the Town accept the gift of the cabin. The cabin was moved to its present location in 1992.

(excerpted from A History of Franklin)

Cabin in original locationCabin now

                             The cabin in its original location.                                                                             The cabin in its present location.    

Gates / Hull Farm Location                                                                                         Three locations of the log cabin and the routes followed.

After the cabin was moved, repairs were made and then the cabin was opened for visits by the public.  The chinking between the logs must be periodically repaired and/or replaced to keep the building weather-tight.  Other needed maintenance is performed as needed by the members of the Historical Society.  The land on which the cabin sits is Town of Franklin land and the lawn care is performed by the town.

Usually, once each year students from Franklin Elementary School come for a guided educational tour to learn about the cabin, life in the late nineteenth century, and general Franklin Town history.  We also open the cabin for holidays, special events, visitors from out of town, or family outings.  Arrangements can be made to view the cabin by appointment, by calling 802-285-6523 in advance.  Please try to give us at least two days notice so that we can try to accommodate your requests.  At this time we are only allowing one visiting group per day to maintain health safety.

The Franklin Historical Society Log Cabin will be open on a by appointment basis.

The Franklin Historical Society Log Cabin will be open on a by appointment basis.